The 3 times you need garage door repairs

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The 3 times you need garage door repairs

Most people don’t give much thought to their garage doors, until they stop working as they should. Did you know there are 3 times you need to invest in garage door repairs to ensure the safety and security of your property?

If your garage door is slow to respond to your remote, contact us immediately for garage door repairs.

Unfortunately, most people wait until their garage door isn’t opening at all. In such cases, you can rely on one of our technicians to be onsite as quickly as possible. However, if you start to notice that your garage door is slow to respond to the button, contact us so that we can carry out repairs before you don’t have access to your garage at all.

A creaking sound might indicate wear and tear that needs to be repaired.

While many doors will make some noise when you open and close them, if you start to notice creaking or any other signs of wear and tear, it’s time to get it looked at. We will send one of our experienced technicians out to you in no time, to make sure your garage door remains in the best working order.

Frayed cables need to be attended to immediately.

If you notice the plastic coating has come off your cables and they are starting to fray, this needs to be repaired immediately. The cable could break at any point in time and injure someone or damage a vehicle in the process. Contact us to have this inspected and repaired before someone is hurt.

Be sure to call the experts at Casey Garage Doors if you have any concerns, or just want someone to check that your garage door is in good condition and poses no risks.

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