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Why you might need garage door repairs in Dandenong

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It’s something many of us don’t put much thought into: our garage door. Yet, when you think about it, it is a very important feature of our homes. It not only looks aesthetically appealing and adds to the street appeal of the house, but it also provides a necessary function, allowing us to get our car in and out and access our house with ease.

Here are some reasons you might find yourself needing your garage door repaired in Dandenong;

  1. Not opening: this one is obvious, if you press the button and your door isn’t opening, you are likely to need someone in as quickly as possible to get it fixed. If you start to notice that your garage door is slow to respond to the button, this is a good time to call in the cavalry preemptively, as it indicates there is a problem and it is far better to have it fixed straightaway before it gets worse. 
  2. Creaking: while many doors will make noise when you open and close them, if you start to notice some creaking and other wear and tear noises, it’s time to get it looked at. Casey Garage Doors can send one of their experience technicians out to you in no time to make sure your garage door remains in tip top working order. 
  3. Frayed cables: if you notice the plastic coating has come off your cables and they are starting to fray, this isn’t a great sign. It may break at any point in time and could injure someone in the process. It is important to have it looked at promptly.

Be sure to call the experts at Casey Garage Doors if you have any concerns or just want someone to come out and health check your garage door. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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