Affordable annual garage door service

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Affordable annual garage door service

In addition to installing quality garage doors, Casey garage doors also offers an affordable annual garage door service. For more information and a free quote, please contact our friendly team.

Why do you need a garage door service?

Many homeowners don’t realise that their garage doors need to be services on a regular basis. The team at Casey Garage Doors recommends annual garage door services (assuming you don’t experience any problems with your garage doors). It is a quick and affordable service that ensures your garage doors are maintained in good working order.

When we conduct a service, we check that your garage doors are operating smoothly and quietly. But it’s more than that: we also check that your garage doors are working reliably, and therefore safely.

Regular garage door tune-ups are more affordable in the long run than repairs or replacements.

What does an annual garage door service entail? All bolts and screws are tightened, some parts are lubricated (rollers, springs, etc.), and the spring tension is adjusted. Essentially, this type of service provides preventative maintenance that will not only prevent problems, but also prolong the life of your garage door.

Any garage door will experience wear and tear with use over time. Performing a service also entails conducting a visual inspection that allows us to identify any parts that are cracked or broken, so that we can carry out the necessary repairs before your garage door becomes a safety concern.

To book an affordable garage door tune-up, please contact the team at Casey Garage Doors.

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