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Different Garage Doors in Narre Warren


Your home Garage Door

A lot of thought and care needs to go into selecting the perfect garage door to complement your home. It needs to match your existing design so that it doesn’t stand out too much or detract from the street appeal of your property, as this will ultimately drive the price of your home down. Many people don’t realise the value a well-designed garage door can add to your home. Here are some different designs you can go with for your garage doors in Narre Warren and the steps involved in completing your perfect design.

Step One

Select what design you are after: Orion, Trojan, Mirage, Volt, Continental, Titan. All these different types of garage doors have different panels and are designed differently. Choose the one that best complements the existing look of your home.

Step Two

Select the frame colour. This is the perfect opportunity for you to draw on the colours already utilized in your home to pull everything together and create a uniform look for your home.

Step Three

Select panel material: Composite panel, Polycarbonate Honeycomb Panel, Aluminium Slats, Mini-Orb sheeting. All these different material options have different benefits for you perfect garage door. Whether you are looking for a rustic appeal, something that is low maintenance or provides optimum privacy.

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