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Different Types of Garage Doors in Dandenong


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Choosing a new garage door for your home is a big decision, which can affect the entire look of your home. You need something that is not only functional, providing easy access to your home day in and day out, but that is also aesthetically pleasing, adding to the street appeal of your home. Here are some different types of garage doors in Dandenong.


When it comes to the function of a garage door there are four different types. You can have one the swings out, swings up, rolls out, or slides to the side. There are benefits to each of these different types, depending on what you are looking for. The rolling and sliding options take up less space, so if that is a concern, definitely look into these types for your home.


Garages doors can be made from a variety of different materials. You can go for an old-fashioned look with the wood option, although be aware that these aren’t suited to damp climates and can be expensive. Steel needs a lot less maintenance and is a sturdy option. However, it does rust and need to be checked often. Finally, aluminium is a popular choice as it is both tough and rust-proof.

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If you are looking at getting a new garage door installed in your home, be sure to chat with the experts at Casey Garage Doors today. They will run through each of your options and help you find the perfect door to suit your home.

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