Types of garage doors explained by the experts

types of garage doors

Types of garage doors explained by the experts

When choosing between the different types of garage doors, it’s best to let the experts compare and contrast. Having been the local garage door experts for quite some time, we are able to explain all you need to know to make an informed decision. So, which garage door design option is best for your property?

There are 3 types of garage doors that you need to consider: roller, sectional, and custom garage doors.

Roller garage doors are a popular choice in Australia. If either budget or durability is your primary concern, then a roller garage door is a great option. Our roller doors are Australian made, and perfectly suited to our climate. They are also available in the full range of Colorbond colours, so you can choose a shade to match your property.

Remember that your garage door makes up a large proportion of your home’s curb appeal.

Our sectional garage doors are always a stylish option. It’s a great boost to your property value! In addition to being cost-effective and durable, they are also incredibly easy to maintain. In addition to the full range of Colorbond colours, our sectional panel garage doors are also available in a BlueScope wood look.

To really enhance your home, a custom garage door is the ultimate!

Our custom automatic garage doors give you the opportunity to select something that truly complements and even enhances the aesthetic of your home. There are six stylish templates to choose from. From there, you will select your frame colour. The options to choose from here are truly limitless! And then the final step is selecting from our range of panel door materials.

If you would like a complimentary quote, please contact our team. It’s obligation free too!

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