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Panel Garage Doors in Dandenong

Single panel garage doors

Single panel garage doors consist of a single, solid slab that slides up and down upon opening your garage door in order to allow the car to enter. Many single panel doors tend to operate using a hinge system, allowing the door to swing open easily without the need for a remote control garage door opener.

Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors on the other hand, consist of multiple panels broken into section. They often operate on rollers and are able to be operated by remote control, enabling them to roll up and down to provide the entry into the garage.

Comparing panel garage doors in Dandenong


Single panel doors tend to be cheaper than sectional doors, as they are easier to both manufacturer and install.


You have a lot more freedom working with single panel doors, as you essentially have a large blank slate to work with.


Many people have traded in their single panel doors in favour of the sectional doors due to safety concerns. As they operate on springs, there are concerns that they may break off and cause damage.


Single panel garage doors have to come out further when opening, which means you need more space in your driveway to park further back while it is opening.

Your Garage Door

If you are looking to purchase your own panel garage door in Dandenong, be sure to check out the professionals at Casey Garage Doors. They will help you from concept to implementation to give you the look you are after.


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