How Important is Garage Security to You and Your Family?

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How Important is Garage Security to You and Your Family?

An attached garage offers convenience and weather protection for you and your family, but as the biggest entryway into the home, it can also come with significant security risks. A secure garage door deters break-ins and reduces the risk of home invasion or harm to your loved ones. They also safeguard your valuable items from theft or vandalism, protecting vehicles, tools, bicycles, sport equipment, and other belongings. 

But the importance of garage security doesn’t end there. A secure garage can also add privacy, keep young kids and pets safe inside, and make sure that no one gets injured by any faulty mechanics. Locks and technology features are important for keeping your family safe, so if you’re in the market for a garage security system, it’s best to get a little help from the experts.

Casey Garage Doors are here to answer all of your questions, but in the meantime, here are a few things to consider about garage door security:

The Different Types of Garage Door Locks

Although many modern garages are electronic, their locks can easily be used in conjunction with manual options for added security. Manual locks include T-handle locks, which require a key to open the door and are mounted on the outside, deadbolt locks, which extend a metal bolt into the door track when engaged, and sliding locks which can be attached to the bottom of the door to prevent it from being lifted. 

Most households will be familiar with the standard remote control lock, but other electronic options for garage door opening include keypad locks for keyless entry, and smart locks for remote control or monitoring through smartphone apps. These electronic locks provide added convenience and integration with home automation systems. 

Security Features and Technologies

In addition to locks, there are various other security features to think of. Even with modern lightweight materials, garage doors are still pretty hefty pieces of equipment, so care should always be taken when children or pets are nearby. Many motorised doors now come with a safety sensor, which uses infrared radio signals to detect obstructions in the path of a closing door. If it senses something, the door will reverse before any accidents can happen. 

Most garage doors also allow for manual operation if you ever need to gain access during power outages or emergencies. Generally, a door remote is battery-operated, with some making use of rolling code technology to prevent criminals from hacking into your system. If needed, you can pair your garage door’s features with other tech, like security cameras, for more peace of mind.

Tips for Selecting a Secure Garage Door Lock

When deciding on a lock, it’s always best to prioritise ease of use. This usually means taking into account the style of your garage door and choosing a system that’s user-friendly with ergonomic designs and intuitive mechanisms. Even if you have an old manual door, there will still be a strong and reliable option. Choose locks made from durable materials such as hardened steel or heavy-duty alloys that can withstand attempted break-ins or tampering. 

Security systems installed by professionals like Casey Garage Doors have undergone rigorous testing to guarantee they meet industry standards. Expert installers will also be able to ensure your new locks are easily integrated with existing mechanisms, so you can go about your life as normal without tedious adjustment periods or accidental lock-outs.

Setting Up an Access Control System 

When you work with a professional, they’ll talk you through the possibility of setting up an access control system. These systems allow you to monitor and control any entrances and exits at will. During the initial consult, your installer will let you know the best control system to align with your security needs – whether you decide on keypads, proximity cards, or smartphone-enabled systems, they’ll make sure every security feature works together as harmoniously as possible, with minimal steps for you to remember. 

An access control device may be set up near the garage door entrance to connect it to a control panel or central system. From there, it’ll be possible to configure user access permissions, or create unique codes and user profiles for authorised family members and guests. Some logging systems can even record past access events, dates, times, and user information. 

Who Can Help Me Choose the Best Garage Security System?

If you live in or around Melbourne, you have specialist designers and manufactures of top quality garage doors right around the corner. With over 10 years of expertise in all things sectional and roller doors, Casey Garage Doors have developed connections with premium aluminium suppliers, allowing them to offer the finest materials coupled with industry-renowned workmanship. When it comes to garage security, this highly experienced team know all the ins and outs of every system.

From remote entry options to keep you and your family out of the winter chill, to regular servicing to promote optimum security, Casey Garage Doors has you covered. And not only can they help with security options, but they can also help you to design a safe and stylish garage door from scratch! Using durable aluminium frames – the strongest, most lightweight and rust-resistant material on the market – you can decide on vivid Colorbond colours, sectional designs, and various aesthetic finishes.

Whatever your garage security needs may be, you can rest assured that Casey Garage Doors have your most important values in mind. For a totally complimentary quote, all you need to do is call 0402 700 991, or email [email protected].

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