Electric Garage Door Installation Melbourne

Electric Garage Door Installation Melbourne

Electric Garage Door Installation Melbourne

If you’re currently in the market for garage doors or upgrading an existing garage door but are unsure of where to start or don’t know exactly what type of door or garage door motors you need?

Today we’re going to be having a look at all things garage doors, from Roller Doors to Smart Garage Doors, there is a lot on the market and there are several types of garage doors, below in this article we’ll have a quick look into their specifics

Types of Garage Doors.

Before setting out into installing a garage door, it’s good to do a bit of research to decide what door you will need and what best suits your garage.

There are several different garage doors, all with their own pros on how they will work and what they offer in terms of security, stability, and longevity, we’ll take a quick look at some of the most common garage doors, what they’re used for and why it pays to do a bit of research to make sure you get the correct garage doors.

Roller Doors

A roller door is your standard garage door and is most commonly used in homes and workshops, they’re used when you need to lock areas down and make them secure to protect contents, standard roller doors are usually hand-operated and don’t require a motor, however larger roller doors for commercial spaces may require a motor to operate.

Automatic Garage Doors

Electric Garage Door Melbourne

Whilst they are much like roller doors, automatic garage doors are motorized and operate at the click of a button, they’re typically installed for home garages and parking spaces for convenience and security, they operate using radio frequencies so that when the frequencies match, the door closes or opens.

This is exceptionally helpful as you don’t need to exit your vehicle when coming or going and simply click your remote control.

Smart Garage Doors

Rather new on the market, but becoming an industry standard, smart garage doors allow you to monitor your doors through a program that can be installed on your devices such as a phone or tablet and allows you to monitor them even when you’re far away from the door.

This is exceptionally helpful for security reasons and for protecting high-value items and products as even if someone manages to find a way into your garage door, you still have complete control over when it is opened or not.

Tilt garage doors

A tilt garage door is what some would consider the “old fashioned” these doors exist as a solid piece of material ranging from wood to aluminum, the benefit of a tilt garage door comes from its versatility in its materials that can be used to create the door, they’re also a lot easier to maintain as they’re a single one-piece design that works in tandem with a spring balanced hinge that makes them easy to close and open.

Sectional garage door

Sectional garage doors are the art deco of the door world, they’re made from several panels and are usually the choice when you have an artistic view of your door in mind, much like a tilt garage door, they are made with several hinges that enable the door to bend up and down and when retracted, they spread out across the garage ceiling to give the maximal amount of space in the garage.

They’re also the most customizable doors due to their make and can be made with many different materials and finishes to really make your garage space pop.

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There is a lot that goes into making a great garage, and you deserve to have the best garage door service on the market so that you can make your selection with peace of mind.

At Casey Garage Doors, we have specialist designers for any and all projects you may have and a friendly customer service team that’s available to assist you, please feel free to send us an enquiry at https://www.caseygaragedoors.com.au/contact/ for a free quote.

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