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Benefits of Garage Roller Doors in Dandenong

san-francisco-210230_640Choosing Your Door

Choosing your garage door is a big decision that can require a lot of consideration. You have to be happy with both its look and functionality, as your garage door can add to the street appeal of your home, and in turn add to its value. You also have to consider how you want the door to function. Do you have the room for it to swing out? Are you after electric or manual functioning? Do you want to save space?

Here are just some of the benefits of choosing a roller door in Dandenong.

Space Saver

The most obvious advantage is the space you will save in the process. Roller doors go up and down on hinges and don’t have the need to swing out to open. This means you can park your car right up next to them before opening and heading inside.


Unlike other types of garage doors, such as hinge doors, roller doors can withstand the weather and not let it into the garage. They feature a rubber seal at the bottom that stops dust, water and any more unwanted elements from getting into the garage.


There is a large variety of designs and colours on the market for garage roller doors, which means you can find something to match the look of your home and add to its street appeal in the process.

If you are looking at having a garage roller door installed in your home, call the experts at Casey Garage Doors today. They will provide you with all the options you need and get started in no time.

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